Gamez & More began business in 2002 as an online store place selling collectibles, video games, and more over eBay. We moved into a brick and mortar store in 2013 providing a safe environment for anyone to come and participate in tournaments with the ultimate goal of making sure everyone has a great time, which reflects our mission; to run our business successfully but not lose sight of the most important thing when it comes to games, to have fun!

At Gamez & More we retail Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, Imperial Assault, X-Wing, Armada, Star Wars Destiny, and an array of board games and collectibles. We also buy Magic: The Gathering cards. Honesty, integrity, and fair trade are what stand us apart from the crowd, and you will not find better prices anywhere else.

We host many events for Magic: The Gathering, Force of Will, X-wing, Armada, Star Wars Destiny, and more, which can be found on our events page. We usually have 8-10 events a month.

Call, Shop our online store, or come on in. If you have any questions please let us know via the contact page HERE!