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Gamez & More Star Wars Armada Store Championship Tournament
August 13, 2017 · 11:00 am · 6:00 pm
Gamez & More
Come out to the Store Championship at Gamez & More for X-Wing

Star Wars™: ARMADA 2017 Store Championship at Gamez & More in Byron, MN.

*10:00am Registration

*11:00am Tournament Begins

*$15.00 registration fee

*Prize Support:
*Top 32 – An alternate art version of the upgrade card GR-75 Medium Transports. Since their release, flotillas have become an incredibly common sight in most fleets and often contribute far more strategic options than their costs would indicate.
*Top 8 - Five acrylic Evade tokens. Small ships in Star Wars: Armada often depend on good maneuvering or timely use of their defense tokens to survive. These double-sided tokens will show your expertise in keeping these ships in the battle.
*Top 4 - A double-sided, two-color acrylic range ruler—a cornerstone tool of the game.
*Top 2 - A printed acrylic Assault Objective token. Assault objectives typically focus on destroying an important ship or target. Use this token to mark which ship your fleet wants to hunt down!
*First Place - A printed art plaque to commemorate your victory and a first-round bye card that is valid at any 2017/2018 Star Wars: Armada Regional Championship!

Pre-registration is advised to hold your seat!! You may pay ahead of time to hold your spot, keep in mind if you pay to hold your spot, it is not refundable if you "no show". We understand that things do happen but if we hold your spot and you "no show", it's a spot that another player could have taken. You can take a chance and come the day of without regristering, but there may be a chance there will not be a space for you.